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What is a Hypeach Style Ambassador?
• As a Hypeach Style Ambassador, you have a unique opportunity to promote the Hypeach brand and apparel on your own terms to anyone you’d like to earn money and free product. Style Ambassadors their own personalized URL [] and promo code to track their earnings. Ambassadors earn commission, bonuses and free apparel from any purchases made by you or anyone you refer. Wear It, Share It and Start Earning!
How do I set up my Hypeach Style Ambassador online account to get started?
• Upon applying online and being approved, the Hypeach Team will email you your Welcome Kit which explains how to setup your account and get started.
How much can I earn & how will I get paid?
• Your earnings potential is limitless, and earnings are paid out monthly no later than the 10th calendar day of the month for the prior month. When you log into your Hypeach Style Ambassador account, follow the instructions in your Welcome Kit to connect your preferred payment method whether that’s direct deposit to your bank account, PayPal or other.
How can I promote and earn?
• The easiest way to sell is to simply promote your trackable links to followers and friends and you will earn commissions and bonus payouts from any purchase that occurs through that URL.
• The most common social media platforms are Instagram and TikTok to promote Hypeach.
Will I receive assistance getting started?
• In addition to receiving your Style Ambassador Welcome Kit, one of our Hypeach Style Ambassador program managers will be checking in with you to ensure you have the help and support you need to be successful.
Do I need to be an Instagram influencer or have sales experience to be a Style Ambassador?
• You simply need to have at least one social media account with consistent followers and engagement rates – all Style Ambassador applications are subject to approval or decline at the sole discretion of Hypeach Boutique (Hypeach LLC)
How do I access my free product allowance and growth my earnings and engagement potential?
• Once your application is approved, a Hypeach Style Ambassador representative will contact you to guide you through next steps to begin promoting Hypeach and generating your Style Ambassador earnings, including specific deliverables to post and promote in your social channels.
Will my followers and friends get a discount?
• Yes, as a new Style Ambassador, you’ll be provided a custom, unique promo code which is trackable so you’ll earn commissions on anybody that purchases with your promo code.
Are there any restrictions to apply?
• You must be at least 18 years old, and you must be approved by Hypeach through the application process at
How is Hypeach Boutique different?
• Founded in Southern California, Hypeach embodies "California Fresh" style. Hypeach offers unique, high quality apparel at affordable prices. We hand-select each piece in our curated collection inspired by Southern California's coastal lifestyle. Our Hypeach brand promise is to consistently bring you high quality apparel, an exceptional customer experience, and good vibes!
• The Hypeach mission is Fashion That Gives Back. A portion of every purchase supports our charity partner, GlobalGirl Media, a non-profit that empowers young women from underrepresented backgrounds with digital journalism training & skills. We believe in using Hypeach as a force for good, and together we can accomplish so much.

*Commission tier increases are awarded at the end of each calendar month and are applied to the following month (i.e. all Hypeach Style Ambassadors [HSA’s] start at Level 1 and if you achieve $2000-$4999 in sales in a future month, you’ll be awarded to Level 3 commission tier at 12% the following month)

**1st Month Sales Bonus targets begin in month 1 of any new level that is reached (i.e. if you reach Level 2 sales between $1,000-1999 in month 4 of your HSA business, you will be awarded the Level 2 1st Month Sales Bonus of $250 at the end of month 4 and you have the potential to earn $100 each month going forward if you maintain sales between $1,000-$1,999. If you’re in Level 2 sales volume range and fall below that range in a given month, you’ll be moved down to Level 1 in the following calendar month

***Friend that is being referred and the HSA that is referring must email notifying the Hypeach team of the friend referral. Friend must achieve $200 in commissionable sales before referral bonus is awarded.