3 Simple Blush Hacks for a Peachy Glow

3 Simple Blush Hacks That Will Leave Your Skin Looking Peachy and Glowy This Summer
Lizzy Mongillo

Team Blush or Team Contour? Either you love or hate it, but blush acts as one of the most transformative items when it comes to applying your makeup. Natural, glowy skin is at the top of our summer go-to look so we're featuring how to get that perfect, sun-kissed, peachy, glowy look!

Find Your Type: Cream or Powder?

With so many blush types on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Each blush type, ranging from powder to liquid, comes in handy for various application processes. Makeup artist and founder of Westman Atelier , Gucci Westman says, “Cream blushes are great for adding a pop of color to eyes, cheeks and lips.” This will make your look cohesive and they're buildable.
“If you’re in a time crunch, use a cream blush,” says Sonya Beltz, No7 Beauty expert. Liquid blush, which are another option, pack more pigment, set quickly, and last for hours as a lip stain. Liquid blushes are less buildable than creams or powders but serve as a very natural, long-lasting finish on the skin.
Our personal creamy favs this summer are Charlotte Tilbury's Beauty Light Wand in Peachgasm (above image). And, the vegan beauty brand founded in Southern California, Tower 28's BeachPlease tinted luminous balms.  BeachPlease, is not only perfect for sun-kissed cheeks & lips but sillicone free and great for all skin types (color options below). Rush Hour is our current crush. Both creamy blush products deliver the sweeteest peachy natural looking glow with a beautiful soft shimmer!


Knowing your undertones is crucial to the natural blushed glow. Play around with blue-toned shades if you have warm undertones. Orange-red hues will counterbalance cooler undertones, giving your skin a natural finish. Then, have a think about the intensity of color. On paler skin a rosy flush works perfectly. Peachy nudes look so great on all skin tones. For deeper skin tones, consider opting for a highly pigmented, brighter shade of blush which delivers a super-healthy, flushed look.


Application = Everything

When applying blush, the main goal is to lift the face. To achieve the desired sun-kissed look, dab cream blush in the middle of your cheekbones and blend upwards. RMS Beauty founder Rose-Marie Swift has one major tip: “Never place blush below the nostrils,” it visually drags the face down. To make your peachy glow look even more cohesive, swipe the blush across the bridge of your nose and softly blend outwards for a realistic sun flush. Add a hint of highlighter to your cheek bones, spray with your favorite setting spray, and add your perfect nude peach lip for our go to summer makeup fav!
What are your favorite peachy makep products? Drop a comment below if you have any makeup reccos or tutorials! xx
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