Rachel Haas: Born To Style

Rachel Haas: Born To Style

We had the pleasure of celebrity wardrobe stylist, Rachel Haas, recently stopping by the Hypeach Summer Shop to style her favorite Hypeach pieces for summer. While visiting we sat down for an interview and a look into her career path.

Rachel Haas, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist 

image via @haasrach


How Did You Get Started As a Stylist?

RH: My first job was in retail in South Beach at the age of 15. By the time I was 17 I had created my own clothing line and sold it a year later. When I turned 19, I moved to Los Angeles. It was difficult breaking into the industry in but I have always been passionate about fashion, styling and working hard to obtain my goals. I believe every no is an opportunity for a yes. 

How Did You Break Into the Industry Once on L.A.?

RH: I began my styling career working on music videos in LA - lots of long days. I then started getting asked to style artists on the Top 10 Billboard Charts. I've worked on more than 80 music video sets and continue to do so! 

What Do You Love About Styling?

RH: Being a stylist brings me so much joy on so many levels. I consider myself an artist - it's a creative medium & outlet at its core. Clothes are magic! When I'm dressing artists and clients it is always fulfilling and immensely rewarding  to see someone extra confident or happy about themselves in a new look.

What Inspires You? 

RH: I have musical theater roots. I grew up playing with costumes. Outfits that are daring inspire me. My mom is also a major source of inspo!

What's an Important Piece of Advice For Others?

RH: Give your all in every opportunity and you'll never look back in life ;) 


Find Rachel & more of her work online at:





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