How To: Layer for California Winter

How To: Layer for California Winter
Sarina Caltagirone

Filled with sunny days and lows in the high 40s, wintertime in California is like no other. But how do you dress in winter fashion when “winter” does not truly feel like winter? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s how to layer for California’s not so cold but lively winters.


Start your morning with a comfy lounge set. If you’re going out in the morning, make sure to layer with outerwear such as a jacket or keep it casual with a sweater or flannel. 


For your daytime look, change into a top or body suit and depending on how chilly it is, you can choose long or short sleeve. If you’re looking to layer even more, layer a long sleeve top or blouse with a sweater vest to stay extra warm. Next, pair with straight leg denims or pants. Lastly, Sneakers or boots

To work out

When driving or walking to your workout, pair an matching activewear set - sports bra and leggings - with a long, comfy teddy coat for extra warmth and elevated style!

Night out:

For a night out, pick out a pair of heels to wear with a short or long dress. We are OBSESSED with slip dresses right now! Another option is to pair a short dress with knee high boots. Add a cropped puffer jacket or sleek blazer to top off the look.

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