These Fitness Influencers Know How to Work!

These Fitness Influencers Know How to Work!
Sarina Caltagirone

As you journey through your fitness regimen, it's important to keep track of best practices and balanced goals towards better health. One way our team at Hypeach likes to stay motivated is by following our favorite fitness influencers who carefully curate their exercises, healthy tips, and balancing well-being to encourage and support their audience. We've rounded up our favorite fitness and wellness influencers so you can stay motivated on your own journey and get your #goals! 


The Pilates Class by Jacqui Kingswell: Wellness and Pilates

An online class can be just what you need! The Pilates Class offers pilates, barre, HIIT, and stretch classes for everyone and also specializes in pre and post natal health. If you're the type who loves group workouts with an instructor, but don't have the time to go in person, this online fitness journey is perfect!


Aditi Shah: Motivation and Yoga

Peloton instructor, Puma athlete, and fitness influencer, Aditi Shah is our go-to for #motivationmonday. Not only does she post yoga and meditation regimens, but she also gives her audience a sneak peak of her healthy lifestyle. Staying balanced is key!


Brittne Babe: Strength and Home Workouts

"Queen of Home Workouts", Brittne Babe is our own personal trainer. With her motivational mental health tips, intense strength training workouts, and fitness knowledge, Brittne Babe knows the drill on how to achieve your goals and how crucial it is to take care of our bodies while we do it. If you're looking for daily workouts, download her app, BrittCamp, and train with her and thousands of others full time!


Sami Clarke: Wellness and Fitness

Los Angeles based blogger and creator of JoinForm, Sami Clarke shares her curated workouts, recipes, and wellness tips for healthy lifestyle motivation. Not only is her own personal wellness journey very encouraging, it's a positive mental health reminder. If you're a super busy person, check out her ig page and try one of her self-care challenges. Daily practices can go a long way, and we're sure you'll thank your body and mind for it later. 


Charlee Atkins: HIIT, Cardio, and Strength

Fitness trainer and creator of Le Sweat, Charlee Atkins gives her audience the ultimate workout including at-home exercises like HIIT, strength, cardio, stretch, and yoga. We've tried her workouts time after time, and can accurately say they'll kick your butt! 


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