Ultimate Guide: A Weekend Getaway to Ojai

Ultimate Guide: A Weekend Getaway to Ojai

Looking to get away this weekend. Look no further! We have your weekend getaway all planned. Whether you plan to go alone or with a special someone, pack your best outfits and have a blast! 

Only an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles, Ojai is a cute, cozy town unique for their hippie vibe and artists working to make that scene trendy again. Not to mention, their wine is locally made and offer tasting rooms. If you prefer the outdoors more, Ojai is near the Los Padres National Forest, whoh just north of town.

Where To Stay: 

Ojai Rancho Inn

  • Small hotel
  • Books up fast on weekends
  • Great on-site bar

Ojai Valley Inn

  • Great luxe spa
  • Multiple pools and tennis courts
  • Yoga classes 
  • Pricey ($500 a night for a room)

Capri Hotel


Where to Eat:

  • Coffee Shop - Beacon 
  • Pizza - Papa Lennon’s 
  • Laid-Back Dinner - Azu
  • Italian - Boccali’s
  • Wine Bar - Tipple & Ramble
  • Lunch and Dinner Spot - The Nest


Where to Visit:

Meditation Mount

Find your zen and learn how to meditate with breathtaking views at the beautiful Ojai at Meditation Mount. Perched atop a hill, the property was built in 1971 as a public meditation center.

Casa Barranca

Organic winery, Casa Barranca, features a variety of wine from Pink Moment Rosé to Cabernet Sauvignon. They are recognized as the first certified organic winery in the Central Coast region using natural and sustainable practices for production. Though the winery is not open to the public, they have a great tasting room in downtown Ojai’s old historic arcade.

Catch the famous “Pink Moment” sunset

Ojai Valley faces adjacent east-west facing mountain range, offering a special and unique dusk setting available in few other places in the world. Between late December and early January, the Ojai Valley experiences the “pink moment” during sunset when a pink, lavender and peach glow fills the sky for a breathtaking view unlike any other.

Ojai Valley Museum

Want to learn more about Ojai’s history? The Ojai Valley Museum features an extensive collection of Native American baskets, pioneer tools, art and photographs. 

Ojai Valley Trail

Get on your Hypeach active wear and check out the Ojai Valley Trail! This nine-mile trail has amazing views of the surrounding mountains. It’s the perfect place for bike riding, horseback riding, and running.

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